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How to Organize your Kitchen like a Professional Chef

Updated: Jan 9

Living in a disorganized mess is not the way most people like to live . While some people can have a messy room or office, having a messy kitchen can have a real impact on your lifestyle. Kitchens tend to have a lot of stuff in them, from spices to appliances, to utensils, the list could go on. But having all that clutter in your kitchen means you are less likely to be inspired to cook. This can take a big toll on your physical health, plus the endless takeout can kill your budget. Maximizing your kitchen space will help you lead a more productive and healthy life, so we found these recommendations by professional chefs to help make your kitchen work for you.

Take Stock and Cull the Clutter

The first thing you need to do is take stock of all the items you have in your kitchen. Pull the contents from drawers and cabinets, and put back the items you need and use most often. When it comes to organizing any room in your house, less is more. If you have to many gadgets and dishes overcrowding your cabinets it makes it difficult to access them. Just stick with the basics and it will make finding things a lot easier.

Saving Counter Space

Countertops free of clutter can make a huge difference to not only you but also the look of your kitchen. A big mistake people make is storing rarely used appliances on the counter, when they should be put away. Items that should be on the counter are things like coffee makers and toasters, because you likely to use them more frequently. Knife blocks are another thing that takes up a lot of space on kitchen counters. To store efficiently a magnetic strip can be attached to a wall to hold all you knives. Also, having 3 of 4 good knives beats having 10 dull ones.

Kitchen Organizers

There are things that are great for kitchen organization, but these tools are especially useful if you have a small kitchen. To make things like spices, and baking decorations easier to see a lazy susan or riser might be the answer. Clear bins for storing pasta, rice and flour, is a good way to keep things upright while still looking organized. Pot racks is another hack which is easy to install. Mounting them or hanging them can free up a lot of space in your cabinets for other things like appliances.

We hope this post will give you some ideas on how to better organize your kitchen!


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