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Design Tips for a Kitchen that’s Easy to Clean

The kitchen is without a doubt the one place in the house that gets the most cleaning. The good news is if you're planning to renovate your kitchen, with a little planning you can have a design that makes cleaning a breeze and allows you to spend less time mopping and more time enjoying your space. These tips from expert designers will give you all the inspiration you need for the perfect easy to clean space.

Buy Easy Clean Appliances


Eva Bourne of Houseology suggests that you should consider potential purchases with a view to clean them. Choose a range that’s fuss-free and easy to wipe down without needing any exotic lotions or solutions,” she says. “Have a good look at details, such as the knobs on your oven, to make sure there are no hard-to-get-at nooks. Knobs that are too close together mean you can’t get a cloth between them, for example.”

Pick a Simple Backsplash


It’s known that tile is a popular choice for a kitchen backsplash, but you don’t want to spend time scrubbing grout to keep it sparkling clean, there are other options. If you are set on tile, choose one with a large-style format to minimize the amount of grout you have to clean. If you choose a glass backsplash however you won’t have to deal with grout at all.

Favor Flat-Front Cabinets


“Selecting smooth furniture fronts prevents cooking residue forming on decorative grooves and ridges,” Louise Delaney, design manager at Cameron Interiors, says. Watch out for cutout pulls, though, since they can harbor crumbs.

Position Bins Strategically


A good question to ask is ‘where is the best place for the trash and recycling bins?’ To ensure that cleaning up is as efficient as possible, they should be beneath the sink. You want the minimum amount of distance between sink and bins, which means minimum opportunities for spills and mess.

Use Durable Paint


If you have painted walls in your kitchen, you’ll need to wipe them down more often than the walls in other rooms. Choosing a hard wearing paint finish will make this job easier. Use an oil-based eggshell finish, as you can easily wipe this clean without damaging the paint.



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