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How to Avoid the Most Common Kitchen Renovation Mistakes

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Planning a kitchen renovation can be stressful, it can be filled with multiple decisions and stages that can turn your house upside down. But these decisions will significantly improve daily life and property value when finished. From hiring to design and budgeting it’s important to try and evade common kitchen renovation mistakes in order to avoid extra costs. Take a look at some of the most common mistakes people make below!

Making a Bad Hiring Decision

Choosing the right contractor is probably the single most important decision you can make during your remodel. Research who you think will be the best contractor for your projects and make sure they are an established, qualified contracting firm and your new kitchen is bound to be finished well.

Another tip to help you choose the right person is to obtain several quotes from recommended contractors, and carefully compare each of the estimates. Choose a contractor based on their expertise, but consider warranty, reputation, price and how well you communicate with the sales staff!

Taking the D.I.Y. Route Too Far

When renovating some people might feel the need to get involved and cut costs by doing some of their own D.I.Y. A major kitchen remodel requires a broad subset of talents and abilities that most people are missing, and trying to D.I.Y. this renovation may result in big trouble. Dealing with sub trades, materials, and delivery is enough to stress anyone out. The contractors advice, direction, and expertise are truly invaluable.

Designing to Trends instead of Following your Lifestyle

Kitchen trends are often short lived and include unique and sometimes strange design features. Looking through the latest home renovation magazines and browsing the web for kitchen remodel ideas is a wise thing to do, but opting for trendy designs simply on the merits of fashion will result in a dated kitchen that doesn't work for your family. Think about how you prepare food, eat meals, and entertain. Consider your tastes and flow of life, choosing the materials, finish, and colors that suit those considerations.

Paying Too Much in Advance

Most contractors require a deposit before starting any work. This helps to seal the deal and allows for the capitol to order materials and hire reliable sub trades. But some homeowners are too willing to hand over large sums of money. Be wise and negotiate realistic terms with a professional contractor who will work within an agreeable and reasonable schedule of payments.

Making Multiple Changes to the Design

Time is money, and once the final design for your kitchen has been approved and work has started, the time to change your mind has passed. Alterations made along the way tend to stall the flow and almost always cost your contractor more with wait times, revisions, and reorders. Some changes may be necessary, as remodels uncover surprises or certain materials become scarce. Take control and do not shift from your original plans unless absolutely necessary!

We hope these tips will help you avoid costly renovation mistakes, let us know in the comments if you think we missed anything.


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