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Eco-Friendly Fridge Cleaning Tips

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

In this age of climate change we need to do everything we can in order to be more Eco-friendly. It’s important to take into account our daily habits, and change them in order to be more sustainable. Plus, now that Thanksgiving is over I’m sure all of our fridges can use a good scrub. It’s actually recommended to give fridges a deep clean every 3-4 months in order to maximize the performance of the fridge. We put together this list of fridge cleaning tips to let people know you don’t need a bucket of chemicals in order to properly clean appliances in your kitchen.

Turn the Fridge Off

Leaving the fridge on while cleaning can cause it to overwork because of the doors being left open, so turning it off can save you electricity and money in the long run.

Remove Shelves, Racks, and Drawers

Removing the shelving in the fridge makes it easier to clean, and will allow you to wash it in hot soapy water for maximum results!


Wipe, Rinse, Dry

Using a soft sponge, wipe down all surfaces with a solution of 2 cups water and 2 tbs bicarbonate soda (pay particular attention to door seals). Rinse then dry with a clean tea towel.

Sweet Smelling

To prevent odors from lingering, store an open packet of bicarbonate soda in your fridge. A couple of drops of lemon essential oil won't go astray, too.

We hope this blog post will help you through the eco-cleaning process, and guide your to think about more natural ways to clean. All natural cleaning is better for your family, and the environment too!


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