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6 Ways to Maximize a Small Kitchen

Updated: Jan 23

There is nothing worse than a small kitchen that feels cluttered. The kitchen is a place where you go to unwind after a long day, or a space where you can freely prepare a meal. If you have a small kitchen you know that there is never enough counter-tops or cabinet space. This can be frustrating, and leave you feeling uninspired. This isn’t the end though, because there are a lot of ways to make the most out of a small space. These next 6 ideas will help you maximize your space so you can enjoy cooking again.

1. Vertical Storage

When it comes to much needed space there are a lot of solutions. One way is to add vertical shelves to empty walls. A big problem in most small kitchens have is that there aren’t enough cabinets, and things can get a little tight when there is not enough space. Using vertical shelving is one solution and can help you store things like pots and pans, plates. You can even attach a magnetic knife holder on the wall to save counter space.

2. Make Use of the Space Around Your Fridge

Using all the space in your small kitchen is important in order for it to be truly functional. If there is between your fridge and your wall or even on top of your fridge make use of it. Like this hidden rolling pantry, or the cupboard above the fridge, this storage space will be crucial in a small kitchen.

3. Double Duty Kitchen Backsplash

A stainless steel pegboard is an easy D.I.Y. project you can do. Not only does it protect the walls from spills or splatters but it also allows you to keep tools you use often handy. You could also add shelving if there is space, and you can find peg boards like these at most home improvement stores.

4. Over the Sink Cutting Board

Sure you can create a kitchen island to make more space, but most small kitchens don’t have the floor space for that. Having an over the sink cutting board is a quick fix and will be very useful if you don’t have enough counter space. This one even allows you to rinse before chopping.

5. Create Kitchen Storage in a Nearby Room

Some kitchens just won’t have the room for the storage you want no matter how hard you try. One solution to this problem would be to find a nook or a closet in a nearby room. It can be used to stash kitchen tools you use occasionally or to store non perishable pantry items. A curtain as shown above can keep what you store out of sight.

6. Make the Most of Kitchen Corners

In most homes corner space is often underutilized. But when you have a small kitchen it is important to use every possible space. Corner shelves can be a solution and will give these awkward spots purpose. Just look at the awesome selves in this kitchen!



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