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6 Organization Solutions for your Kitchen

Updated: Jan 23

In almost every home the kitchen is where people like to congregate. It’s where all the meal prep and casual chatting happens. It’s also the room that can become the messiest if it’s not given enough attention. If you ever had a messy kitchen you know how frustrating it can be to sort through kitchen gadgets and utensils when trying to make something simple. We hope this list inspires you to organize your kitchen so next time you want clean up it won’t be such a hassle.

1. Hidden Knife Block

The fastest way for a kitchen to become cluttered is when there isn’t enough counter space. This can be due to a variety of reasons like kitchen appliances and utensils. So why not hide it away in a custom cabinet? This tip is mainly for those in the process of renovating or are thinking about it. Having clear counters will help put your mind at ease, and having a built in knife rack keeps the kitchen looking organized.

2. Cutting Board and Cookie Sheet Storage

This next hack is easy and can go right inside your existing cabinets. Having your cutting boards and cookie sheets organized means things in your cabinet will be less cluttered and easier to find. It doesn’t require a lot of work just attach an organizer to the inside of the cabinet door and a bar to make sure it's secure.

3. Spice Racks

Everyone seems to not know where to put they’re spices and it you have a lot they end up stuffed in a kitchen drawer somewhere. This tip is great if you have a kitchen with a pantry and a door. By creating a useful shelving device it can keep things easy to find and clears up cabinet space for other things.

4. Labelled Containers

When it comes to the pantry things can get out of hand quite fast. Not only that but it could take awhile to find the things you need, and when your in a rush this can be very frustrating. With this method you know where everything goes and you will no longer have to constantly reorganize your pantry.

5. Plate and Bowl Racks

There are multiple ways to organize your plates and bowls. While most people tend to put them in cabinets with shelving, if your not tall enough then can be a hassle. Instead why not put them in a drawer on the lower level. Use brackets to separate them to ensure they are safe and secure.

6. Foil and Saran Wrap Hooks

Many people have a hard time finding a place to put their foil and saran wrap. This next tip is great for the inside of a cabinet door or pantry, it’ll create a designated place out of the way so you’ll never have to worry about where to put them again. It’s important to measure the size of both to make sure it is the right distance to hold them in place.



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