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Temporary Fixes for a Dull Apartment Kitchen

Updated: Jan 23

Living in an apartment is something most city dwellers are used too. But most apartments have very little storage and outdated kitchen appliances. The kitchen is the heart of any home big or small, and it should be loved no matter how temporary the living situation. The solution to this would be finding temporary design fixes that will elevate the kitchen in a land-lord approved way. This is why we put together this list of easy and cheap design fixes to give you some ideas on how to spice up your small kitchen!

Temporary Backsplashes

This design fix is one that is great for everyone, especially for those people who want to spruce up their kitchen on a budget. This design fix requires adhesive contact paper and a lot of patience, but it will be totally worth it in the end. There are endless colors and designs for contact paper, and when your finished it is guaranteed to come off seamlessly.

Functional Peg Boards

This next tip is all about utilizing unused space, and would perfectly compliment any empty wall space in your kitchen. Putting a peg board is a functional way to hang your kitchen tools, like pots and pans. Not only that but pegboards are cheap and easy to install, making it the perfect fix.

Fix Cabinets with new Paint & Hardware

Cabinets in the kitchen are often hard to miss, which is why giving them new life can really spruce things up your kitchen. New paint and handles is an easy fix that only requires an afternoon of your time. Tip: going with a dark color will save time and won’t require you to paint multiple coats.

Replace the Fronts of Cabinets with Wood Veneer

This next tip is an alternative to painting your cabinets and requires a little extra work. The first step is to buy wood veneers in the correct size that are just a little bigger than the original ones, so there’s no need for handles. The next is to de-mantle all the old cabinet doors and replace with the new ones. Now you have fresh cabinets that will enhance your kitchen.

Replace Sink Fixtures

This last tip is a lot easier than it sounds and doesn’t require outside help. There are hundreds for different faucet fixtures to match everyone's style. Pick the fixture that best matches your decor and simply follow the instructions on how to remove and replace it and your done!



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