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Pros and Cons of Kitchen Islands

In today’s kitchen designs it seems every kitchen has an island. But islands aren’t for always the right choice for every kitchen. Choosing to have an island should be carefully considered because most islands are built in and meaning it would extremely hard to change. By highlighting the pros and cons of kitchen islands this will hopefully should help others decide whether to get one or not. First we’ll take a look at the positives and then take a look at the negatives.


There a lot of positives when it comes to kitchen islands, but the most important one is countertop space. If a kitchen is wide enough and has no sufficient work stations around the perimeter then a kitchen island is for you! The additional counter space can be used for prepping or dishing out meals. Islands also provide a sociability factor and is more pleasant the facing the wall. It allows you to face family members and guests while prepping, or it ca make you feel more connected to people in adjacent rooms if you have an open floor plan. It can also be multi-functional and be used for eating or doing homework on.

While extra counter space is the most obvious positive to kitchen islands, the next one is storage. It creates the opportunity to have deep draws and cabinets, and even a space to but a microwave in order to free up the perimeter cabinets. This is considered extremely desirable to most people when remodeling their kitchen.

An Island can also be a great way to create another location for a sink or stovetop if the perimeter space isn’t adequate or ideal. Although you have to remember there needs to be space for adequate ventilation. From a design aspect the kitchen island can be a great vocal point, if painted a different color than the rest of the kitchen. This will draw the eye to the island adding something unique to the design. Overall there are many positives to having an island but not all these points will work for every kitchen.


While islands may bring so many a lot of positives to kitchen design, it isn’t always the best choice for some kitchens. In homes where kitchen space is limited, it is important to carefully consider getting island. With space constraints it often means deciding between and island or a dining table, and most choose the later.

The cost is probably the biggest factor when choosing to get a kitchen island. An island that brings all the function and structure mentioned in the pros are immovable and provides limited flexibility. They must have electric and plumbing if there is a sink, and a ventilation system if it has a stovetop. Islands add a big cost layer to kitchen projects, which depending on the clients needs, isn’t always necessary.

Another problem many people with islands face is that is becomes a dumping ground for stuff. When this happens the island becomes totally pointless, and can become a battle in most families. Lastly if an island isn't planned or spaced properly you may start to feel like a hamster going around and around your island. But overall island negatives are limited and you should take into consideration the above negatives when designing a kitchen island!


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