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7 Stunning Kitchen Island Ideas

Updated: Jan 23

Kitchen islands are considered the MVP of the home not only do they open up the space but they can be used for a variety of purposes. From meal prep, to casual dining, to storage, kitchen islands can do it all. It’s no wonder they are in such big demand with homeowners who are remodeling. We’ve gathered some kitchen designs in a variety of styles to give you some inspiration for your future, or current remodeling project. Whether you use the island for entertainment, nightly homework, or the morning coffee, a practical and beautiful island will become the most used area in your house.

1. Add Seating

Having a kitchen island with seating is an important design feature for most when thinking about islands. Great for entertaining, its a place where kids are going to love to hang out, and really becomes a multi functional feature when you add seating to a kitchen island. It will not only become a beautiful focal point of the kitchen, it will also be the busiest spot in the house!

2. Mix Marble and Metal

Mixing textures in the kitchen can really make any design unique. It’s not an easy task, but if done right it will flow perfectly and you’ll have a beautiful design by the end of it. The kitchen island is a great place to implement this design idea. In this photo using a brass or copper base with a marble countertop really brought the other pieces of the room together and it's absolutely stunning.

3. Add Open Storage

Having a kitchen island means more space for storage, which is extremely useful in a busy house. But if you wanted to go the nontraditional route have open storage as opposed to cabinets with doors. This will force you to downsize your pots and pans as it will be all on show, and make sure to put your most decorative pieces on display.

4. Make it Massive

A kitchen island can have multiple functions for your family, but one way to make sure everyone is included in the kitchen is to have a big enough island to fit the whole family. If your space is big enough, this is definitely the way to go. Endless storage for all your needs and the perfect gathering spot, what more could you want?

5. Incorporate Appliances

Another big trend in the world of kitchen islands is adding appliances. Putting things like wine coolers or ice makers in an island means it can be customized to you and your needs. Incorporating different appliances means you can save space elsewhere in your kitchen, and it will keep the space looking seamless.

6. Pair with a Table

This new design idea is only for those with an open kitchen layout. Pairing your kitchen table with a dining room table close by is one way to add seating without putting it directly in the kitchen island. This is great if you don’t have a designated dining room space, but still want a place to entertain a number of people.

7. Mix Drawers and Selves

The nice thing about having a kitchen island is you can truly customize it to your needs. This design idea is good if you have decorative pieces you want to show, but don’t want to give up all of the storage space. You also don’t need to match the countertop with the rest of the kitchen as seen here, everything blends seamlessly. Being creative is the best thing about design.



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