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7 Bold Kitchen Backsplashes

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

In kitchen design the possibilities are endless, and the backsplash presents the opportunity to bring color, pattern, and texture to your space. From graphic tiles to aged copper and dramatic quartz, there are so many varieties. Here are 7 standout kitchen backsplashes that you can use as inspiration for your own kitchen renovation. Which kitchen backsplash would you most like to have in your home?


1. A patchwork backsplash of inlaid marble in soft colors complements the gold details that frame the cabinetry in this Toronto kitchen.


2. Blue, orange, cream and black tiles create a graphic splash against these elegant cabinets in a Chicago kitchen. The opposing side of the kitchen has a complementary rust-orange backsplash behind the range.


3. The hexagon tile in this Victoria, British Columbia, kitchen in white with irregular sprinklings of neutral gray and taupe does two things visually. First, it reinforces the kitchen’s neutral palette, echoing the color of the cabinetry, floor and appliances. And second, it amps up the fun factor in this space — note especially the scattered tiles to the left of the range hood.


4. This kitchen floats along with its houseboat in Sausalito, California. The backsplash shown here is a mix of wallpaper featuring famous historical queens and black porcelain tile.


5. This black-and-white tile in a kitchen in Russia brings lively pattern to a space otherwise dominated by lines — in the wood pattern on the ceiling and walls, and in the gaps between the cabinets.


6. A glowing amber-gold backsplash warms this glossy black kitchen in Mexico City. The same material edges the bottom of the large kitchen island.

7. Flowers bloom on this backsplash tile, filling in the space between the counter and the upper cabinets with a surprising element. The larger flowers that continue onto the right wall offer a nice size variation that makes the design look decidedly custom.


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