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4 Things to Look for in a Fitted Kitchen

Updated: Jan 9

The kitchen is one of the most important space in your home, its where meals get prepared and it's also the center of many social activities. This is why when remodeling your kitchen you generally want it to be exactly how you envisioned it, but things can often go wrong so it's important to get the design right. Let’s take a look at 4 of the most crucial design elements to look for in your new fitted kitchen.


Space should be on the top of your list when designing your new kitchen. You need enough space to cook as well as move around in. In fact the more space you have the better, so choose your layout carefully and always make sure you have more space then you need. Space also depends on how you use your kitchen. If your one to have parties then you might need even more space to cater to all your guests, and always consider a table so you can spend time with family and friends around.

Within Reach

Most fitted kitchens are designed so that everything is within reach, everything you need to cook with should all be at hand. There should be fitted cabinets where plates and cutlery can be accessed easily. Modern kitchens can also come with clever space saving design features and accessories making it easier to hide the bulky things.

Work Surface

When it comes to work surfaces it is always important to buy not to buy cheap. This area of your kitchen is arguably the most used and you ultimately want your surfaces to stand the test of time as well as look good. Keep in mind high gloss surfaces scratch very easily.

The Sink

The sink is an essential part of the kitchen. Double sinks offer flexibility and convenience when cooking. Waste disposals also offer an excellent way to get rid of leftover food without creating a smell. Consider this when thinking about your kitchen sink.

By considering these things for your kitchen, you will be making the right decisions for you and your family. Let us know what else would add to this list!


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