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4 Celebrity Chefs and Their Outdoor Kitchens

Updated: Jan 23

When it comes to cooking, nobody does it better than professional chefs. It's is their passion and livelihood, and taking a look inside their kitchen can reveal a lot of things about them and they way they cook. Kitchens have been described at the heart of the home for years, it is a place where people can gather and enjoy good food. This is especially true for chefs as their profession means they are usually in the kitchen they entire day, and also cooking to relax. So looking at their home kitchens is a unique way to understand a little bit more about them.

Katie Lee

Kitchens over the years have changed dramatically, from tech to customized cabinets, things have certainly improved. In this first outdoor kitchen we look at is Katie Lee’s. It’s safe to say that celebrity chefs put function before style, but in Katie’s kitchen you can see both function and style from the tiles to the Wood Stone Oven.

Bobby Flay

Bobby has mentioned in various interviews that his favorite room in his house is his outdoor kitchen. Located in Amagansett, his backyard kitchen is picturesque and the envy of all his neighbors. It’s complete with a Big Green Egg, a Pizza Oven, BBQ Grill, and of course a sink and mini fridge. It all looks over his pool, table tennis, and bocce ball court.

Donatella Arpaia

Being a professional chef it’s important to distinguish cooking as a profession, and cooking to relax. There needs to be balance, and Donatella does that by cooking in her gorgeous outdoor kitchen. Complete with a Wood Stone pizza oven with her name inscribed into it. She loves how interactive pizza making is for her both her son and guests.

Wolfgang Puck

Famous for his high end restaurants located around the world, Wolfgang Puck has one of the most famous names in the industry. He made his success making pizzas with toppings like smoked salmon and caviar. He only uses Wood Stone Ovens in his restaurants, so it would make sense he would have one in his home too. He loves making pizza and finds it a great way to relax with his family.

If you noticed the common appliances in these celebrity chef’s kitchens, great job! You can see that they all have a Wood Stone oven located in their homes. Good for entertaining and making a variety of dishes, with a Wood Stone oven, you can cook with the same oven favored by world-famous chefs like Donatella, Wolfgang Puck, Katie Lee, and Bobby Flay. Click here for more information!


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