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Thanksgiving Hosting 101

Your first time hosting Thanksgiving this year? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! It’s time to impress your in-laws and make your home the ultimate Thanksgiving destination.

Everyone loves a little holiday decoration, right? Whether you’re hosting 4 people or 14, it’s important to stage your dining area for an unforgettable Thanksgiving meal, while still having a practical space to serve food on.

Always put out a beautiful table cloth. A table cloth is what takes your dining area from cheap to lavish, and it doesn’t have to be a fancy table cloth either. Here’s an affordable one from to give thanks for:

When planning for dishes, make sure you have trivets! A hot pot, pan or dish can completely ruin your dining room table, so make sure you set it down on something safe before serving. Before you even put your dishes on the table though, there should probably be some food in them, right? Here are some awesome classic Thanksgiving recipes that will have everyone asking for seconds or even thirds!

Stuffing: Here’s an excellent stuffing recipe from the blog “Tastes of Lizzy T”. Make sure you check out her tip on using her own bread at the bottom!

Turkey: For most people, the hardest part about Thanksgiving is keeping track of the turkey. No one wants a dried out turkey (cue National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation turkey dinner scene)! In order for a fast and easy Thanksgiving dinner, it’s time you tried spatchcocked turkey. Spatchcocking, although a strange name, will cut your turkey cooking time in half, and ensure an even and juicy dinner for you and your guests. It basically means “butterflying” the turkey so it lays flat on the pan in the oven. Shoutout to for giving us this awesome spatchcoked turkey recipe!

Veggies: an assortment of vegetables on Thanksgiving day is what helps us rationalize all that stuffing, and is a must for the food-filled holiday. Instead of sticking with the boring steamed side vegetables, here are some more creative recipes for veggies even your pickiest eaters will love!

Brussel Sprouts: Try a cheesy Brussel Sprout casserole! Yes, it will lower the health benefits of the dish, but it will heighten the vegetable eating experience. We hope. Here’s a great recipe by!

Roasted Vegetable Jumble: Using only one single pan, this will be the easiest dish to clean and prepare for your guests! Squash, parsnips, brussel sprouts and gold potatoes will take your sides from drab to fab. Use this one-sheet pan recipe from to have the easily cleaned side dish ready for your guests.

There are a ton of different ways to spruce up your Thanksgiving evening. Try lighting candles or putting out decorative pine cones to decorate your space, while utilizing your fireplace for the ultimate cozy feel. Remember, Thanksgiving is about being with loved ones and giving thanks for all that you have, don’t spend the entire time stressed about the food!

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