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Live a Life of Luxury with Bonnet

What do champagne and Bonnet kitchen equipment have in common?

While these two things are quite different, they do have a couple similarities. They both originate in the Western European Country of France, best known for its wines and sophisticated cuisine, and are considered a 'luxury' item.

Champagne made its debut and spread throughout France during the 1600's, but it is believed that the bubbly drink was used in ceremonies, and became a symbol of nobility long before that. The name is derived from the French wine region in which it originated, Champagne.

Fast forward to 1830, when the French company Bonnet International opened its doors. Bonnet designs, manufactures, and installs professional kitchen equipment, with a strong dedication to their customers through quality and taste, productivity, comfort and environmental care. Their equipment is built to last, innovative, reliable, robust and comply with hygiene standards. Bonnet is now sold in over 60 countries worldwide, and they continue to create beautiful custom French ranges for luxury grade kitchens.

Call us at (914) 941-1717 to discuss upgrading your kitchen with a Bonnet!

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