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October Designer of the Month: Bilotta Kitchens!

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Bilotta Kitchens are family owned design firm based in Mamaroneck NY. They are renowned for their exquisite products, unrivaled service, and superior craftsmanship. Their philosophy is: using qualities such as honesty, integrity and originality to enrich the lives of our clients with aesthetically pleasing, functional, lasting and inviting living spaces. With over 30 years in the design business they’re work is abundant in homes throughout the New York tri-state area and in places as far away as Bermuda and Spain. Today there are three Bilotta Kitchens locations in Mamaroneck, Mt. Kisco, and New York City.

Bilotta Kitchens have award-winning designers on their team and unmatched passion for the spaces they create. Not only that but within their corporate culture they believe in giving back to the community through philanthropy. Finding ways to inspire the lives of the next generation are a topic they are extremely passionate about. Each year they aim to support local charities that will benefit children, this includes donations to schools with learning disabilities, supporting dance and art programs, and coordinating fundraisers for children with life threatening illnesses. This is just another reason to use Bilotta Kitchens for your next renovation project. Visit their website here


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