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Designer of the Month: June 2023 - Melita's Home

Updated: Aug 22, 2023


At Melita's Home, visitors will uncover enchanting approaches to infuse rustic elegance into one's dwelling.

The personal buyer for the shop identifies as such. Melita journeys across Portugal, spanning from the North to the South, in search of authentic, local artisans.

Operating a small shop, the emphasis is on supporting nearby ateliers. These artisans hold a special place in the buyer's heart, being closely guarded secrets brimming with countless treasures. Through these interactions, the buyer curates the most distinct, exceptional, and truly unparalleled products obtainable.

The artisans showcased often employ age-old methodologies passed down through generations, resulting in top-tier ceramic creations.

"You can feel the life, love, and passion that is put into every Portuguese handcrafted piece.

Every piece in our shop is formal yet comfortable. I always try to combine beauty with easy living, so that all of the pottery I import can be used daily. I have noticed that when you surround yourself with beauty, it makes you happy. A beautiful home makes for a beautiful life.

I believe that beautiful, well-crafted décor can turn your home into a haven while reflecting your own personal style."

In Store Services & Events

Services: Refinishing, Upholstery, Various Events

- Finish Restoration, Structural & Joinery Repairs, Veneer Work, Restoration of Carved Pieces, Distressed Painted Furniture, French Patina, Hand Stripping

- Bring your furniture back to life!: Sofas, Chairs, Kitchen/Dinning Sets, Window seats, Chair pads , Cushions, Decorative Pillows, Head Boards


Location 125 Main Street, Ossining, NY 10562

Serving all of Westchester County and the Tri-State Area


(914) 923-0351


"So much more than a home store, the selection of women's and children's clothes is outstanding and beautiful. We happened to stroll in on a whim and left with something for me, our home, our child and a baby shower gift. Melita has a fantastic eye and has curated a wonderful collection. Her focus on local makers is much appreciated and the care and attention she puts into her business makes it a rare jewel. Please go visit her and come home with something that makes you feel beautiful and loved." (via Melita's Home Facebook review page)

"I’m so happy that we have Melita’s in Ossining!!! I was looking for some new dresses that I could wear to work or out on the weekends, and found so many beautiful items to add to my wardrobe! They have such a nice selection of light and flowy dresses at very reasonable prices. I had been looking around and couldn’t find anything until I stepped inside Melita's! I was about to go shopping in the city, so this saved me a trip.

They also have a lovely selection of children’s clothes. I’ve purchased clothes for my kids and also baby gifts from Melita's, as well as beautiful scarves and jewelry for my family and daughter’s teachers for the holidays." (via Melita's Home Facebook review page)

Main Photo by Melita's Home website



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