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Designer of the Month: Eneia White Interiors!

If you’ve been following us for a while you’ll know each month we feature a different kitchen design firm. This month we wanted to recognize the Black Lives Matter movement, so we to put our focus on a black owned interior design business. It’s no secret that the design industry has a diversity problem, and as the industry continues to attempt to become more inclusive, there's no better time than right now to get to know more black designers and to celebrate their work. Which is why we want to put the spotlight Eneia White interiors.

Eneia White is best known for her positivity, warm smile and creative approach to solving problems. She was born and raised in a small suburb between Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, D.C., Eneia grew up in one of the most diverse cities in America, where she had an early appreciation for learning through cultural diversity. Her favorite part of the design process is getting to know the client, really understanding what they are communicating verbally and non verbally to deliver an end result they feel represents their aesthetic. We would highly recommend her for your next interior design project, commercial or residential, Eneia has the talent to create gorgeous spaces everyone will love. Visit her website for more:

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