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April Designer of the Month: DreamStyle Kitchen & Baths!

Westchester-based DreamStyle Kitchen & Baths has been in business for over ten years. Founder Marie Frenkel strives to create responsible designs for her customers, paying close attention to their dreams, as well as their budgets, to create something extraordinary!

One of the company’s greatest strengths is their ability to stay true to a proposed budget, without compromising the outcome of a beautiful renovation. Oftentimes they’ll recommend retaining certain elements like a bathroom sink or tub, to maintain a certain look yet stay on budget.

For each job, Marie and her team carefully review their clients’ needs and provide visual examples that help to capture the desired outcome. In addition to bathroom and kitchen renovations they also specialize in rejuvenating current spaces by updating fixtures and cabinetry, while maintaining the basic structure.

If you interested in learning more and seeing the before and after kitchen and bath image gallery click here.

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