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5 Tips for your Kitchen this Summer

During the summer things can get heated, especially in the kitchen. It’s important to make sure your kitchen is prepared for the warmer weather. Kitchens tend to work harder during the summer season, with countless gatherings and BBQ’s to be had, it’s important the kitchen is in tip top shape. Here is a list of ideas for keeping your kitchen cool and performing its best!

1. Empty Cabinets & Deep Clean Appliances

This two in one tip revolves around cleaning and make sure the things in your kitchen are ready for the summer heat. Decreasing your stove top and cleaning your fridge’s coils cane make a huge impact, most appliances tend to work more because of the heat so making them as clean as possible is important. The same thing goes for cabinets. Spills or unsealed containers can attract bugs due to the spike in insect activity during the warmer months so making sure things are clean properly will really come in handy.

2. Swap Glass for Plastic

Warmer weather also means eating al fresco (outside). This should be enjoyed to the fullest extent and who wants to worry about broken plates and glasses when your bring things back and forth, especially if there are kids running around. It’s time to take out those melamine dishes and acrylic cups so we can enjoy the summer.

3. Stock up on things

Not having enough of something seems to be a constant struggle during summertime gatherings. Going through the pantry and fridge to see what summer essentials are needed is a great way to avoid hassle later. Buying items like foil, wooden skewers, ketchup, mustard, burgers, hot dogs, and wine in bulk means you’ll always be prepared for the summer festivities

4. Embrace No-Cook Dinners

Cooking in the kitchen during the summer can make you hot and sweaty. That’s why you should take advantage of little to no cooking dinners like salads and cold soups. This will help keep the temperature of your house cool. You can also make things like noodles and shrimp which can be cooked in minutes.

5. Use Toaster Ovens, Instant Pots, and Slow Cookers

Avoiding the oven and stove top is a sure way to make sure your kitchen stay cool. That’s why you should try and use your other appliances as often as you can. The toaster oven is a great example of an appliance that can do everything an oven can do without the added heat. In the same way, an instant pot or slow cooker can help you make meals without having to turn on the oven, so those potlucks don’t ever have to go amiss and your kitchen stays nice and cool!


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