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June Designer of the Month: Canterbury Design!

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Canterbury design is a custom kitchen design center based in Morristown, New Jersey. They are professionals in design and their use of materials, textures, color and light. Canterbury design aims to create kitchen perfection reflecting every desire. They create their designs by realizing their clients personality in combination with the firm’s skills, knowledge, and design enthusiasm to exceed people’s expectations. Their mission is to make a change people's lifestyle while also making profound statement about their client to everyone who visits their home.

The Canterbury Design process includes an initial dialogue about the clients dreams, culinary passions, and design tastes. Learning about people's goals and design inspiration for their space helps the firm create a design plan and estimate so their clients will have a realistic expectations of the costs before the project begins. They then begin the design development phase which has a project supervisor conduct a survey of the room. This is where they consult with interior designers, builders, and other trades. Once the materials are ordered, then installation begins and is completed. When the remodel is done, they make sure to follow-up with the client to make sure everyone is happy. To learn more, or see more photos of their amazing work click here.


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