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Fall Décor 101

When fall comes around, the decorations throughout one’s home are usually fraught with little things to create a cozy atmosphere that can only remind you of the crisp leaves of autumn and the nearing holiday season.

There are a couple ways you can spruce up your spaces this season with a classic vibe, a modern vibe, and a family friendly vibe. While one can definitely combine all three, being able to choose your own style within the “autumn décor” parameters can be exciting. Here are some tips depending on which style you tend to call your own.


Classic fall means the original fall colors. Oranges, greens, yellows, deep reds and browns are all classic fall colors that can be used to create warmth in your home while it’s a crisp autumn day outside. showed great use of these colors for a dining room table centerpiece. Check out her creation below:

Why stick to one or two candles when your centerpiece can be the center of attention!


Modern fall décor means classy, edgy, and not so dependent on bright colors and warmth. The modern style depends on texture and shape, while keeping the color tones basic, often black and white. Liz Marie from captures this perfectly for her dining room table set up. By using all white tableware, she really showcases the deep brown of her dining table. She also uses the element of texture by adding burlap covers to the heads of the table and using textured napkins. One of my favorite parts of her design in this room are those little black pumpkins. While keeping in the “fall theme” of pumpkins and apples, painting a pumpkin black can add a modern feeling when paired with other neutral colors. Check out her modern fall décor here:


Family-friendly decorations do not mean having to give up either a modern or a classic autumn atmosphere. By simply adding color, shapes and playing more on the Halloween element, these decorations are sure to make both parents and children happy and excited about the fall season. By using typical Halloween fixtures like pumpkins, mummies, witches and other characters, the whole family can get involved in creating a spooky, yet fun kitchen experience. created a list of some defining Halloween/fall décor for your kitchen, varying in levels of scare. Check them out!

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